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Thread: Heat M - Controversial?

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    Ive yet to see the episode (will do so in a matter of days hopefully) but from what Im reading here Matildas been a good right b1tch once again...900 pounds of damage is not funny.

    Good luck with the compensation Adam. Fingers crossed.

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    Adam and co should get compensation. Following the retraction of the Mercy Clause in Series 7, it was replaced with a Rules of Engagement document that Mentorn supplied to everyone. This detailed how and when the HRs should get involved in a fight.

    The document clearly stated that the HRs are only there to cause cosmetic damage, and that should the damage go beyond this - Mentorn would pay for replacement parts and components.

    I will see if I can find the document and post it in my profile.

    Theres no question - Mentorn should stand by their word and compensate the Mute team for the damage caused to create 30 seconds of footage.


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    Hear Hear! And it should come out of the HR roboteers pockets!

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    Ooops! I cant believe I called them roboteers! Please forgive me everybody, I am now off to wash my mouth out with soap. :sad:

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    I probably think Robochicken got in more flips then TAN had in shoves, so I think Robochicken should have because:

    a): they were on the verge of getting a famous victory

    b): and they would have been fighting their tag team partners, Bulldog Breed Oh well, wonder how the bulldog will do against Tough As Nails

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    Tom,in the other tread in this topic Richard gives a link, with a picy of the damage done to Robochicken.
    So stop ranting about a wrong judges decision.
    The worst damage the Chicken did was a plate of 4mm polycarb supporting the arial and a small dent in a weld.
    For the rest, controle,style and agression was about thesame.So the fact you could see the intestines of the combative fowl was a main point.

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    Mario, how much of TAN did you build?

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    Sorry Mario, didnt mean to pick a fight.

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    The weaponsystem is from my hand and the disposable wheels.
    Kos, the teamcaptain had the most of the rest.
    Electronics are in the capable hands of Stefan.

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    When the HRs bullied Micro Mute I think they shot themselves in the foot. I personally think most people would dislike that sort of performance - nobody likes a bully. I cant see that really pushing the viewing figures up.

    I hope the Mute team get some cash but it should be a whole load more than £900. Mentorn got their moneys worth didnt they?

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