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Thread: Heat M - Controversial?

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    did micro mute push matilda? at one point MM went under matildas back, it looked like he was pushing her.

    ewan, no disrespect, but micro mute is a much better robot then any of yours. Ive fought MM many times before, and its a great robot, i know how long it has took them to get it right.

    If it had been mini-maul being dropped on the disc, there would of been just a cloud of sawdust!

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    I agree.

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    There were upraws at the end of that feather fight. The producer was called over and all sorts. I believe Team Mute are still in talks with Mentorn for compensation.

    What really happened was - Micro Mute ceased to fully move, was picked up by Killalot, and was taken over to the arena side wall to be dumped out of the arena. But due to the whole battle being so god damn boring as all the bots broke down, the producers over the radio (i herd) called Killalot back to play with Micro Mute with Matilda.

    Even if the battle was Boring - they were bang out of order to do that. It does state in the contact and rules that the House Robots and arena hazards will be used to spice up battles. BUT major damage to major componients such as speed controlers and motors (see metal and polycarb armour dont matter) they will be compensated.

    But what no one saw until this issue happened, is that they took it out of the contract for Series 7. It was ALWAYS in the contact for all wars, but Series 7, they took out out.

    Mentorn needed to go full pelt with damage for this series to hopfuly keep the audience and channel 5 to keep the show.

    It was out of order for the House Robots to do that to Micro Mute - but dont worry, the roboteers get their revenge on the House Robots later in the series.

    Mr Stu

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    Hey stu, you said youd changed, doesnt look changed to me... You should have seen how close the claw of killalot got to the H5s...

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    yes Alan Micro Mute did push Matilda we all cheeed in our box. that lasted all of 3 seconds when that big bully **** head killalot again singled out a feather and presisted in attacking it.
    This is one reason why im not interested in going back to robot wars should it happen again.

    and no Glen your not allowed to tap out

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