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Thread: Your favourite Battlebots

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    Id be interested to know what all of yours are. This thread is here so you can create a list of your US faves, it can include any of your chioce from any weight calss and the list can be any length long.

    Heres my top 10:

    1. Toro (SHW) - weapon: flipper
    2. The Judge (SHW) - weapon: hammer
    3. Biohazard (HW) - weapon: lifter
    4. Bad Attitude (MW) - weapon: brute force
    5. Huggy Bear (MW) - weapon: clamp
    6. Hazard (MW) - weapon: spinning tool bar
    7. No Apologies (SHW) - weapon: spike/axe
    8. Diesector (SHW) - weapon: clamping/lifting/ramming jaws, spiked tail, axes
    9. MechaVore (HW) - weapon: flywheel
    10. Codebreaker: (SHW) - weapon: spinning drum

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    Ive seen several very good matches, specially in the lightweight and middeweight division. The heavyweight fights are about the same as ours, and the superheavyweights to me are boring.

    My RC versions of Minion and Diesector have seen better fights then the real ones.

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    Ive seen robotica, and that is much worse.

    Whats even worse is that discovery channel aired a couple of shows of Robotica.

    What i hated the most is the fact that robots were activated on the floor while everyone was standing around them, less than 4 feet away. No barriers, no bullpens, no arena, nothing to protect you.

    And im not even talking about the presentation.

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    but back on topic:

    1: Biohazard
    2: License To Kill
    3: Warhead
    4: Mauler
    5: Mechavore
    6: Vlad the Impaler
    7: Diablo
    8: Greenspan
    9: Atomic Wedgie
    10: Nightmare

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    honerable mentioning though not in my top 10:

    Mecha Tentoumushi

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