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Thread: Heat Predictions

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    I think Mute will win this heat. But there is 4 good machines in this heat and I want Corkscrew not to drive into the pit again, and get into the semis.

    There will be a good re-match from series 5, round 2 with behemoth against Crushthingie.(Sorry cant remember the rest of the name)

    Whats your predictions?

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    mute is a great robot, done well at live events, one to look out for?

    Dont write judgeshred off, the robot has improved alot and it has a decent flipper (and we only live a couple of miles away!)

    Behemoth always does fairly well, but suffers alot from luck (i showed that when i beat them with my feather :P )

    some these robots have fought before in the wars. Behemoth has fought both Crushtacean and JS.

    a good heat hopefully

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    I think that Behemoth will win this heat. Its a very good all-rounder and i would be surprised if they didnt make it. But i believe that their biggest challenge is Mute.

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    Theyre there, dont worry.

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