Melee 1

This was a good opening melee. Bulldog looked purposeful, and Mantis looked cool. However Infernal Contraption looked mental and Jabber looked... Um. Lifted by Mantis to tell the truth. We never saw it do much.
Bulldog got a few good attack in, but Id say the definite star of the melee was Mantis, with their bizzarre grabber/lifter. Infernal Contraption didnt seem to do much, but Im sure that netting hanging out of the dog was due to them.

About the contraversy... Bloody stupid. The Bulldog team explained what the netting was actually for, a fair purpose in my book, and in any case the team certainly didnt want it hanging out. I think the whole contraversy was brought about to try and add a bit of tension to an already good episode and the Bulldog was unfairly picked on. Rant mode off.

Melee 2

Another good melee it started off very fast and furious with Hard and Velocirippa zooming around everywhere. T-Wrecks was in amongst the action fairly often too and Kat 3, once Refbot had unpinned them, also looked good.
T-Wrecks looks like a good idea, but the blades were bent every which way but lose. Maybe if they removed some of the blades and made which ones remained stronger...
Then the action slowed down a touch and both T-Recks and Velocirippa were pitted by Hard. Good work from the Belgiums.

Middleweight final

OK, time out. Weve had featherweight melees to give us the finalists, so why not do the same with the middleweights? Anyhoos to be honest this fight was boring. Typhoon, obviously not wanting to ride up someones wedge and be tipped over, was doing a lot of running away. Phoenix seemed to die with one hit, and Steel Sandwhich was also rendered immobile after a few blows, so once again Typhoon retains the middleweight tropy. Althouth to be fair, as they only have to win one or two melees to do it, theyre not being made to work very hard for it. If there were as many middleweight fights as heavyweight, we might just see the title change hands.

Bulldog vs Hard

Oh dear. Hard looked so good in the world champ qualifiers, and the first melee, but as soon as they come against someone who not only fought back, but did it effectively, they prove that internally, maybe theyre not as tough. Externally though...
Several flips from the dog.
At least two hammer blows from Psycho that I can remember.
Being picked up by Psycho twice.
Floor flipper.
Gas cooker from the drop zone.
...And it doesnt even seem dented! WHAT is that thing made of? Adamantium??

Kat 3 vs Mantis

Both robots spent most of the fight circling one another, allowing for a very tense match-up. Kat seemed the more aggressive, and also had a more sucesful attack ratio, with their attacks allowing it to grapple and shove Mantis around, but Mantis stayed in there and tipped the Kat over once or twice, although they self righted each time. Both opponants seemed evenly matched but from what we saw I think the Kat deserved the kream.

Bulldog Breed vs Kat 3

Much to my surprise, the initial advantage seemed to be with Kat 3, as they bashed the top of bulldog with some sucesful attacks, but then the dog started to fight back. Again, a lot of the battle was spent on what Babbeth calls Robo-Waltz and I think the match was improved for it. Bulldog spent much more time on top, while the Kat spent a fair amount of time... On side. My fave moment was when Bulldog beaned Killalot with Kat 3, also making this... Fight of the night