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Thread: It might not be any good but...

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    A review-ish

    Round 1
    1 - Infernal Contraption Vs Behemoth Vs C.V.
    2 - Fluffy Vs Infinity Vs Tiberius 3

    House-robots -
    1 - Dead Metal and Sir Killalot
    2 - Growler and Sir Killalot

    1 - A wire came out of the link on Behemoth.
    2 - Fluffy broke down.

    Round 2 -
    1 - Infernal contraption Vs Infinity
    2 - C.V. Vs Tiberius

    House robots -
    1 - Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash
    2 - Matilda and Sir Killalot

    Results -
    1 - Judges decision against Infernal Contraption
    2 - Tiberius 3, used it 2 gram crusher to hold C.V. and put it in the pit.

    Final -
    Infinity Vs Tiberius 3

    House robots -
    Shunt + Sgt. Bash

    Results -
    Tiberius 3, used it crusher to hold infinity and put it in the pit.

    Time is running out, whats that email field below for?

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    We were a little disappointed with the judges decision on this one, when the detail is considered:- we immobilised sgt bash, we wrecked the pincers of infinity and it was not possible for them to be straightened out with any of the tools available in the pits (so they went in with bent pincers)thus at a disadvantage when they meet tiberius.
    We were fully operational (weapon repaired) within 5 minutes of getting back to the pits.


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    Ray, you guys put up a good fight and I thought as well you lot won it (I was at the filming as a spectator of course)

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    Id really like to see this episode...does anyone have it recorded, or do I have to threaten the BBC...AGAIN???!!!

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    I saw it on TechTv, and on BBC3(I think)
    You can hack into my memory if you want

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    do u know if tech tv will ever go to the uk

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