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Thread: International entries

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    Who knows whos in it though
    (no spoilers please)
    but who competeted
    we know (well i think i know)
    the top 3 bots of sereis 7,
    crushtacean, supernova, sparticus...
    who else?

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    so is Top-bot

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    Are there any battlebots in there this time round? I know such pointless speculation is unhelpful, but Id like to see Biohazard mop the floor with other international entries.
    Other battlebots that should pay robot wars a visit are:
    Mauler (they were disqualified last time for being too dangerous!)
    MechaVore (perhaps the most powerful heavyweight horizontal spinner ever)
    FrenZy (tough to kill!)
    Matador (check out the flipper)
    Vlad 2 (An old hand improved, recently lost to spitfire ,a.k.a. Dantomkia)

    All the so - called contract obligations between the two tournaments i find confusing. For instance, killerhurtz seemed to travel between the two unmodified for quite some time.

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    Im sure many of the UK teams would love to go against US combat robots of that standard, but most are contracted to robotwars (they cant go to battlebots) and the US bot are contrated to battlebots (they cant go to robotwars).
    So there is no high standard US bots in this world championship...

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    Killerhurtz is almost retired as far as I can tell, and they now have Beta (US) and Terrorhutz (UK).

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    Cheers for that Ewan, im more clear on that now. Although i have to say those irritating obligations are spoiling some great fights. Also, does anyone know whether Beta has actually competed in battlebots yet?
    Plus id like to know where all the US bots we normally see in Robot Wars come from, if not battlebots. I could swear i saw Phrizbee once disguised as the revolutionist, although it was quickly chomped by Razer.

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    Many of the US robots that come to robotwars, have not yet been in battlebots, thus not being contracted and then able to compete in RW.
    Beta has been to battlebots, but a problem with the magnets on the base (they keep beta from jumping around when using the hammer) meant that they couldnt actually compete.

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