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    i think it was just a spinning chain with lumps of metal on the end!

    another question:

    why wasnt a replacement put in for the missing robot in the second mellee? this also aplies for the Thz fight.

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    they did not have time thunderpants was running right up untill the door opend to go out into the arena and then both the drive belts came of and he was the last to go in

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    re : leveller

    Just wanted to say what a superb effort and attempt at this years RW. Very impressed.

    Dave was roaming robots first ever member, when we launched it in april 2002, and several phonecalls, of him saying that he had no intrest in gettting on TV, and that he just wanted to play.

    15 months later, and there he was mixing it with the current uk champion, it just goes to show what a difference going to live events can do for the developement of every robot.

    Well done guys.


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    barberouss link came out after leveler flipped it

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