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Thread: *sigh*

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    i have to wait till february!!!!!! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

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    true, very true

    so are u building a middleweight john? or are u moving into the heavys or feathers?

    its a shame that voodoo child wasnt allowed in

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    Gary Typoon looks good according to the report in the club mag, cant wait to see a really effective FBS for once...
    Cheers, Ewan

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    thanks ewan

    i was hoping to see the first mini maul but it never made it to rbw :sad:

    so wot are u up to at the moment?

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    Oh me, Im up to whats on my profile pic
    Cheers, Ewan
    (P.S. Thats meant to go on a featherweight)

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    hmmmmmmmm heres an idea, why dont u put more weight to the outside of the bar?

    this gives u greater enursha(crap spelling i know). basically it means that when it would hit u it would do more damage. thats wot makes our disc design good - the fact that 2/3 of the weight of the disc is on the outside

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    I know, but seeing as the bar is directly mounted to the motor, I dont want a long spin up time.
    More enirtia (rubbish spelling)= longer spin up time. This spinner can go with a 185mph tip speed!
    with only a two-three second spin-up time. The blades are rather sharp and can make a gash, 5cm long, in 5mm polycarb.

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    fair nuf

    personnally i think its better to give a short sharp shock instead of cutting through armour

    but then it depends if u want visual or internal damage

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