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Thread: *sigh*

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    Its Disconstructor, and it is a fairly destructive machine, as long as the teeth stay attached to the disc. Id put my money on Bigger Brother though.

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    Just remember that Bigger Brother has a very good track record against Spinners... they can take massive punishment and still go on to win (Hypnodisc), and in Battlebots they destroyed Gammatron and took out one of the most powerful of all full body spinners, mauler, without taking any damage.

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    Yeah, but think of it this way.

    Hypno-disc-Body to get hold of, vaguely reliable, fast spinner.

    Mauler-No body, faster (if not deadlier) spinner, but not reliable (it trashed Killerhurtz once, tore its axe and plough off, then ran over the kill-saws and broke down!)

    Typhoon-very fast disc, no body, reliable. Plus, Typhoons teeth are lower to the ground than Hypno-discs, or Maulers.

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    Ill pick Typhoon 2 cos its cool!

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    Mauler is pretty reliable, for one thing it always spins and never is motionless, it just gets flipped by really big hits. Big brother beat it not because mauler broke down but simply using a ramming/flipping combo.
    I dont doubt any spinners potential, but considering the way Big Brother usually deals with spinners, it should win.

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    How did Bigger Brother beat Mauler in the USA? I know the answer, if you want to find out for yourself, go to and search under Bigger Brother & check out the video of their match against Mauler. But if you want it from my view, Mauler hit Bigger Brother, it was deflected onto the kill saws, the saw sliced at one of Maulers blades, the robot became very unstable and it flipped itself over breaking the forces of gravity.

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    And before you question me, Yes, I HAVE seen Mauler in action. Didnt it cause a Battlebots shock and tear a wheel off hot favourites Nightmare? Cos thats what I saw.

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    Gary Cairns
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    cheers Matt

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    Yeah i remember that too Chris. That was a big shock at the time. In fact, i believe its the only time ive ever seen Mauler win. Theres no question that Typhoon is better engineered than Mauler.

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    Typhoon may be a good machine, but I find it amusing that you under estimate the Mauler Team. I have spoke with them on several occasions via e-mail, they are good fun and the machine was one of the first ever robots, period. It did fight in 1994 and is one of my very favourite robots.

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