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Thread: Is this even worth fighting for?

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    Razers the best. Id like to see this years winners (whoever they are) take them on.

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    Same here. I doubt Razer would be able to take on the current world champion, or the 3 other semi-finalists for that matter.

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    If razer came up against supernova or gravity, then theyd be dead meat. A good flipper like M2 could just play with them, while a good disc like supernova would disintergrate them...
    Cheers, Ewan

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    And what is that meant to mean....

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    I can see no point in these ifs and buts Razor did not show for s7 so we will never know all it does is get up ppls noses there are plenty of other things to discus. I have said it before on here some where Razor is not robot wars and with the rounds that have been seen so far we did not need it. I have never seen it fight in the roaming robot arena so we cant even say they have fought other good bots and there are some very good bots on the live event tour.I know every one as there fav bots but we dont go on about them being able to beat this bot and that bot the only way to prove it is to fight em. So in the end Razor lost the world champs with a no show. And i could say the bot that did win would have beat razor any how but i wont as it would be a waste of time

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    If only you knew Ewan

    Mr Stu

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