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Thread: Another technogames

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    i take it that theres still no chance of another technogames? or has anyone heard any different?

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    what a shame

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    Cant we put our own smaller version on somehow like the footy / assault course / im sure there are some more we can do

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    if i was to get enough interest i would be willing to organise a technogames style live event sometime next year.
    We did football, slalum, and ten pin bowling at daventrys campion school this year.

    Mute won the competition, and took home two nice new speed controllers as their prize.

    and we could invent some of our own games if we wished.

    spread the word


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    if we all group together we can do anything....

    ideas and answers on a postcard


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    stu's Avatar

    With a £5 note attached.
    And send them to the following Address -

    Mr Stu
    Jonnos House
    Hewill sharethe
    IG88 259


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