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Thread: Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales and Lancashire Soc

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    Seems a while since the last North West Meeting. Have spoken to James Baker and at the moment we are proposing a meeting on the 22nd April.

    The Location Im Proposing is the Thatch and Thistle Pub, Surrey Rd, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7TZ. Tel 01282 615215. A map can be found here and is very easy to find just of Junction 13 on the M65 so no excuses as to getting lost. Its about 15 minutes from Preston and allthough Ive not eaten there, it has reportably good food as well.

    I know its a bit short notice, but give me a mail or post here if you are interested.

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    Can arrange another meeting. Thatch and Thistle Pub again if you like. I assume John knows where it is.

    If anyone else is interested please post here. Im up for suggestions on dates, Ill start with March 24th.

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    Afternoon would be good for me. Suggestions on time would be helpful.

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