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Thread: Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales and Lancashire Soc

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    Hi guys.
    The following people can make it on the 17th April for our next meeting
    Big Nipper boys
    James Baker & Sister
    Simon Farger
    Pete and his Grandson from team Bloody-L
    Jim MacArthur
    Ian Visser
    Mute boys

    I am currently looking into pubs, James made an offer about a pub by him. But due to most people coming from around/near Manchester I am looking into pubs in that area. I will keep you informed about the location.

    Simon Farger is currently building a robot and will be bringing it along for us to have a look at. If anyone else has anything they want to bring along please do.

    I will be able to answer any/most questions that you have about the FRA World Championship that is being held in Manchester

    If you have points that you wish to discuss please email and I will sort some answers out.


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    That be 3 then. Could do with speaking to Adam, after all he is our rep.

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    Sorry guys but with holidays and the forum being down I havent seen these posts.
    As always we are up for a drink, all I need is the prefered dates and if you want an overnighter.
    I will send out a mail

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