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Thread: Wow, what a show !!! Unbelievable !!!

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    All I can say is...
    Wow, what a show !!! Unbelievable !!!
    yep, WJ that was amazing... I really need to build a heavyweight by now.

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    nearly as good as wheely big cheese but not quite..

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    **** - missed it

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    Thank you thank you, thank you !!!

    now theres only one problem...

    I cant recieve 5 over here !!!
    and the guy that normally tapes it and puts it online had problems with his dish or something, so now I cant even view and review and review my own episode !!!

    So if anybody would be so kind as to upload the episode and give me ftp acces ???

    That would make me VERY happy.

    Regards, William

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    Yup nearly as good.

    when Gravity takes a bot out the arena from the middle of the floor i might change me mind.

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    @ cris, maybe if I let the flipper run unrestricted that may be the case. Yes, it was restricted during Heat D. Also, the way it fires prevents robots from being throw like wbc. Wbc has a really long travel of its flipper arm, which results in a 90 degree end position of the flipper, which throws the robot further away, but not as high as Gravity does. My flipper ends in about a 45 degrees angle, which results in higher flips. And wbc is undrivable. It would loose every 1 on 1 fight against a decent robot.

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    big_nipper's Avatar

    Colne, Lancashire
    what a great show.

    It has to be said that Gravity is the first flipper ever (to my knowledge) that had to be restricted due to its performance in the qualifiers. WBC was not. Hence Gravity is the best. I got an E-mail from Robotwars backroom and even they say it is.

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    Well done WJ, very impressive seeing it all over again

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    aw I dunno, I think Gravity was lucky....

    who would have guessed that a ram that size, with buffertanks that size, and that many big valves would work so well......

    oh yeah.... good work there WJ and all others involved in Gravity. my 4th favorite robot of all time.

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    all others involved in Gravity ? Its more of a one man job... Well not if you think that the builders of say a bosch motor qualify as being involved...

    but still the question remains, whos gonna give me the episode on divx ?

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