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Thread: Wow, what a show !!! Unbelievable !!!

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    only 3 more days...

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    I didnt attend the filming of Series 7 (as spectator or roboteer), but heres my predictions.

    13 Black: Is it worth gambling another go at Robot Wars?

    Herbinator: Is it a robot carnivore?

    Lightning: Will it strike twice?

    Alien: Same design as always, not gonna pass the heats.

    Hodaf the Bad: Good design, shame about the effectiveness

    Thor: Will it strike everyone else?

    Hydra: Might slither through

    Gravity: Will it defy the laws of gravity with its flipper?

    HOT TIPS FOR THE HEAT: 13 Black (seeded 7), Gravity, Lightning & Thor

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    sure.. just mention half the robots in the heat as a hot tip. Ill bet youre good at predicting the wether as well. Its going to be dry in some parts and raining in others


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    8mins to go.....

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    I cant view 5 here :sad:
    have to wait for the divx file to come online tomorrow or the day after that :sad:

    ah well, have fun with the show guys...

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