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Thread: Heat of Doom

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    Na - heat of Boxes


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    Could be worse, could be a triangle with a pokey up bit on the top that should be on the front.

    Steve - Ex-team S-tec

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    I wasnt implying Shredder Evo being a box Sam. So u landed ya self into that one. Least our triangle has class

    Na honest - cant wait to see how they put this heat on TV!


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    steve.......what i want to know is why you have this problem with team s-tec. you have always thrown is sarcastic comments on our work and its time you put a stop to it cos you are starting to p... me off. and since when were you a member of team s-tec. i would hope shep does not read the above comments either as he was nearly dropping ill trying to get trax ready for series 7. which he did and was a great acheivement. and i will say just one more thing.....when you have a proper heavyweight robot i will take your comments a little better.....

    to everyone else who reads this....sorry but he is annoying me

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