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    Erm they are not really gear boxes, we mount one gear on the wheel and one on the motor and run the wheel on a fixed shaft.
    We got the gears from HPC Gears, but I've seen Technobots do gears as well.

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    Bonk is ready for the weekend, we've added a new point head, we did a quick test as the video below shows and got a bit of bend on 3mm hardox. Got to test out the new drive wheels and rear omni wheels to see if it will drive and if we can manage to hit anything

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    Dayum. That's quite the powerful axe, guys. You definitely thought this one out. Well done.

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    Cheers, Bonk's 1st and only fight at Whitwick this weekend, we managed to chop Titan's axe head off but lost drive after the impact with Tanto, a plate came loose and jammed the drive gears. Seems the valves need a remachine to allow for the cooling of quick firing.

    Currently just adding some new bits to the front to stop the motor jamming.

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