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Thread: Dutch/Belgian organisation

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    this exactly should be the way to go.
    Perhaps we should start with something simple like exchanging banner links
    We already have the FRA linked on our starting page, you will find a suitable picture on my profile.

    Holger Barske
    GRA president

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    As there has never been a true live event in Germany yet (we use to visit the Dutch and Belgium events so far), we never had to deal with that question. But as there are some things on their way right now, this decision has to be taken. It is very probably that we will strictly follow the FRA rules, but the decision hasnt been made yet. We will accelerate this process now.

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    I feel that there should be an international organisation established linking all the individual groups together. Like the FIA links motorsports clubs the world over and sets the rules for all. There should be an int. Robot Union that gets selected persons in it to run it. Like international rule sets and event guideing groups.
    The FRA, DRG and GRA still holding individuality and freedom of organising but all under int. rules.

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