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Thread: 3018 Pro CNC Router & Heavyweight Parts

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    Hi All!

    I've come to the decision/conclusion I won't be doing any more robotics, so I'm offloading some stuff I definitely won't need again.

    3018 Pro CNC Router
    Mostics 3018 pro, was £180 new. Only ran for about ~15 minutes total. Unfortunately this version is no longer on Amazon, but is almost identical to
    Comes with all accessories included in original package (clamp set + set of engraving bits), plus 10x 1mm milling bits, 10x 1.2mm milling bits, set of 10 0.8-3mm milling bits (1mm bit is missing). Each of the sets of bits was ~£15 originally.
    Ideally looking for £200 for everything.
    Will be partially dismantled for shipping

    2x My1020 800w 24v motors. (SOLD)
    Completely new, never used or modified

    2x My1020 800w 24v motors (modified).
    Only ran for about 10 minutes total with not much load during testing
    Modified in the following ways:
    - Bottom section of shaft turned down to 10mm, 3mm keyway cut
    - EC5 connectors
    - I tried to epoxy the magnets but didn't use enough epoxy - could probably do with being done properly if you were going to use them in combat
    - Top and bottom holes on face/rear drilled out to 6mm on the front and back, so requires long m6 bolts (included) to hold casing together
    £55 new, looking for £40 each (unless the modifications are good for you, in which case I'll take £60 )

    1x RageBridge 2.0 with case
    Only ran for about 10 minutes total with not much load during testing
    Modified with EC5 connectors
    ~£155 new (w/out case), looking for £150

    2x RageBridge 2.1
    Completely new, never used or modified
    ~£155 new, looking for £150 each

    1x VESC
    Doesn't work. Had a solder defect from the factory (positive in was bridged with the ground of one of the FETs). Have repaired that now but I didn't spot it until the damage was done. Still powers up etc. - may just be a replacement FET will fix it, but obviously sold with no guarantee.
    £offers, if you want to try to fix it

    Machined aluminium
    Had these machined for a heavyweight which never saw the light of day. Was a foolish way to spend money on a design that, for a variety of reasons, I now see had very little chance of ever existing. Please don't judge me too harshly.
    Not sure why you'd want these. Melt them down? Use them for machining practice? Machine some tiny antweight parts from them? Make a statue to man's hubris?
    Can provide Solidworks files if necessary. Chilly's bottle for scale.
    £offers, but I'd be interested to hear your intended use .

    Happy to have (sensible) offers on any of the above. First-come-first-served if you offer asking price, otherwise I reserve the right to wait and see if I get any better offers. Available for collection from Reading, otherwise will also need to pay postage, which I can work out at a later date. The Rages and VESC are small and light, but shipping costs may be quite large for the motors, aluminium, & router.

    Thanks for looking!
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