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Thread: BBB: Subterranean Showdown Beetleweights - 6 August 2023

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    BBB: Subterranean Showdown 2023 Event page
    BBB are once more going underground… come witness the beetleweights that lie beneath at Subterranean Showdown 2023. We’ll be invading Loco Klub, set in the Victorian ash pits under Brunel’s original Bristol Temple Meads station, for another day of beetleweight action on August 6th. Subterranean Showdown is an event like no other; unique surroundings, no internet, no live stream… be there in the moment!

    Again, we’ll be focussing on new builders and new designs:

    • New builders are those new to the weight class (This is your first or second beetle event including the upcoming Rapture event)
    • New robots have not competed in any other tournament, including any older version of it - including the upcoming Rapture event - you may not switch out robots later)

    We’ll also be trialing a lottery based signup based on feedback from first-come signups.
    The signup form will be active for 1 hour on Tuesday 6th June from 7-8pm - all the info you need at

    Bar available for beer, cider and soft drinks (this is a great event to pop to on the train!)
    £5 spectator tickets available now:
    £5 Antweight arena access fee & entry to (please write “sub” and your name in desc)

    Loco Klub is a Victorian underground venue, built in former ash pits. As such, you should be aware there is no daylight or mobile signal in the venue, and a variety of bright lights, loud sounds and interesting smells. If this is likely to be overwhelming, please email or message our page before signing up or buying tickets so we can advise. Any under 18’s must always be accompanied by an adult at the venue.


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    Beetle signups for Subterranean Showdown 2023 are tomorrow 7-8pm at
    All the info is on the page, have a good read and do comment if you have any questions

    We’ll be doing lottery allocations prioritising new builders and new robots for this one - but don’t worry, lots of other beetle events are coming up this year: Rapture, Robodojo, SCAR, Burgh and of course BBB Champs!

    Antweight arena access open now at
    Spectator tickets available now:
    We’ll see you underground in a couple of months!!

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