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Thread: Heavyweight, beetle and featherweight Robot components for sale thread (in progress)

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    For sale i have a bunch of components that make up the heavyweight robot Vanquish.

    **List is being compiled atm and this page is being updated**

    2x Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus 6000mAh 6S 70C
    1x Turnigy Heavy Duty 4000mAh 6S 60C
    2x Turnigy 4000mAh 6S 30C

    4x New Maytech – 6880 190KV “Tough” Sensored Brushless Motor £140ea
    1x New Ampflow A28-150 3 24V Motor

    2x Ragebridge v2
    4x New Maytech 100a brushless esc
    1x New Castle Mamba XLX 34V


    Vanquish Chassis:

    Chassis made from Strong stuff, once split on battlebots and rewelded by the folks at Lincoln electric.
    3 original wheel shafts and one new which i have made.
    4 wheels with MOD3? gear fitted - gears alone are
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