Hi, new member here. My son and myself were at Robots Live last weekend. It was an awesome event.
I built a featherweight from used hoverboard parts. Total build cost was less than £100.
The main components were all fitted inside a upvc pipe with an axe for a weapon.

I definitely have some improvements to make, but I was really impressed with the hoverboard wheels. The robot took quite a few hits. Next time I'll turn the current down in the controller and use a dedicated DCDC converter for the logic Electronics. I'll add a gyro controller of some sort too.

I was running a 12s lithium ion pack made from reclaimed cells. Control was with a Teensy 4.0 arduino board connected via UART Serial. I even get voltage, current and temperature telemetry back to the radio.

Has anyone looked at using these parts?

My electronics setup has enough ports to control 4 boards. I think I'm going to make an 8 wheel drive heavyweight with torque vectoring next.

For info, I used this firmware: