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Thread: BBB @ Robonerd 2022 Featherweight Competition - 3rd September 2022, Wolverhampton

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    BEVs (Sportsman-ish featherweights, full info and rules at - we'll be running a full tournament at RoboNerd 2022 like last year! We'll also be bringing our antweight arena for whiteboards.


    Signups are open now at
    £15 per bot entry fee to (please select friends and family in the payment options)
    this money helps to cover costs of our arena maintenance and van hire, thanks!

    Proof of mobility required by 20th August to confirm your entry (just a video clip of a driving chassis, not a finished robot)

    11am Tech checks (more info:
    12pm Fights
    We aim to finish late afternoon / early evening.

    You'll need to bring your own work bench and cover in case of rain - we have a BEVs chat group where you can coordinate this.

    We'll call upcoming fights to the ready table over the microphone - RoboNerd is an event with a lot of things going on so to ensure we run to time, you must be ready to go when your fight is up, otherwise it may be considered a forfeit. We hope to give everyone at least 3 fights in both 3 way and 1v1 form.

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