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Thread: BBB: Subterranean Showdown Beetleweights - 7 August 2022

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    First up for your eyeholes is news of this year’s BBB summer beetle extravaganza, SUBTERRANEAN SHOWDOWN. Oh yes, we’re going underground, to the depths of the beautiful Loco Klub (, the original ash pits of Brunel’s Temple Meads station, on Sunday 7th August.
    Those of you at last year's summer event know how chilled it was… this is going to be a whole different level. With a fantastically well stocked bar and incredible surroundings, this truly is bots and bevs in bohemian Bristol.
    As if it gets better, the wonderful Bob Horton will be coming along to lend their inimitable vocal stylings to proceedings.
    We’ll be running sign ups for the 32 slots in 2 waves as this event is focused on new builders and new designs:
    Priority sign up is for new roboteers, this being their first or second beetle event, or for established roboteers bringing brand new machines which have never fought before - it will open on Google Forms on 21st June at 6pm. (NB: no, a new version of an old bot doesn’t count. You also may not switch this robot out further down the line, or use a bot that debuts at Rapture. If you commit, you commit!)
    General sign up will open on 23rd June at 6pm on (including reserve slots in the case of drop outs)
    Beetleweight entry will be £10 and includes access for up to 3 team members.
    £3 entry tickets for spectators/extra teammates coming soon.
    £5 for spectator / ant arena usage to (please give your full name)
    Remember - don't worry if you miss out, we'll be doing the bigger BBB Beetle Champs on 29th October, and Burgh is in November too!
    More details can be found on the event page at

    Not quite enough ant action for you? Remember this Sunday we’re back at The Cider Box for more smashing in the sun. We even heard they got some new beers in... Advanced signups for the antweight and bants ( tournaments available through the event page:

    All these bots just a little small for ya? RoboNerd is creeping up on us once again and we’ll be back with our BEVs ( tournament, bringing our sportsman-ish feather competition to the masses of Wolverhampton. More details to come!

    Phew! Hopefully you lot all found something there that takes your fancy. Let us know if you have any questions or ideas for the future, we’re always keen to hear your thoughts!
    And for lots of you scamps… we’ll see you Sunday!

    BBB xo

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