Hi everyone! hoping i could get some clarification on the 2022 amendment to spinners.
before i think it said if we met 2 of the 3 perameters we needed prior organiser permission?
now it says if any of the 3 are met we need organiser permission?
im trying to set some specs for my spinner to calculate the requirements.

1,150mm diameter so fine with the 11.1.3 50mm rule
2,Max 500rpm ill be smashing this rule...id hope 5 to 8k!
3,maximum 10% total weight this will also be tight my beater is 1.2kg but this is without bolts bearing and pullys and motor rotor this is on a dead shaft so have not included non rotating items on the same axis.!!!!

is this litrally a case of emailing all the organisers i might attend with my specs prior to build? does anyone have any experiance in whats normally accepted? luckily this is a modulerbot and the spinner module will have the least use because of event limitation but i would like to have it.