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Thread: Featherweight Robot + Parts FREE for a good home.

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    Hey folks, before I throw this away I wanted to check if anybody had use for this chassis and parts.

    I built it with my grandad almost a decade ago: so I’m not sure if these parts have any use now, or if they even work. Perhaps it’d be a good project! My grandad died of cancer recently and it’d be great to see it finally working or of use to someone - but unsure if it’s even possible.

    End result was a robot with wheels that I don’t think turned properly, as the wiring was potentially wrong, unsure.


    - Battery Charger
    - Remote Control
    - Multiple Batteries
    - Reverse thread wheels
    - HDPE chassis with solid steel wedge
    - Various electronics
    - Spare screws, washers, HDPE other miscellaneous items.

    Basically whatever is in the box robot related, and the robot itself is yours to take.

    What I’d like to do is offer all of this out before it gets taken to the dump, so if anyone would like to come pick it up from SW London, in full, feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram at @bearhxg.


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    Hey roland ive popped you a pm on instagram!

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