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Thread: BBB x Cardiff ET: Beetleweight National & University Competitions 26-27th Feb 2022

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    Evening all! We (Bristol Bot Builders) are proud to announce our next Beetleweight tournament in February, in collaboration with Cardiff University ET society.

    The tournament will take place at Cardiff Students Union over the 26th and 27th of February. That's right, our first 2 day tournament!

    And that's not all - over the weekend we'll be running 2 separate tournaments, our standard Beetleweight tournament and an inter-uni competition for new uni builders! Signups for our regular tournament will open in January but if you're a new builder, at University, who'd like to join the inter-uni competition you can sign up right now at

    We're very excited to bring you all to a new city and bring new people into our wonderful hobby.

    Stay tuned for more details on the national competition soon!

    BBB xo

    Facebook event with the latest details

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    BBB: Beetle Brawl 2022 on 26th February, sign up info please read carefully:

    Sign ups to compete open Monday 10th January (tomorrow) 7pm at first come first served! We anticipate spaces going quickly so please ensure you are registered for and your robots set up beforehand.

    As always, your slot is not confirmed until receipt of the £10 entry fee via and your slot will be released after 1 hour if payment is not made, to ensure everyone has a fair shot. Please send to "friend or to family" and do not send entry payments until you have signed up.

    You may enter one main robot and one secondary as a reserve, please select accordingly on sign up and please do not select two robots from the same builder/team as primary robots to allow more teams to get involved. If sign ups are full you can sign up as a reserve in the likely case of drop outs.

    Proof of mobility (demonstrating you have a driveable robot) sent to BBB by end of 12th February to allow for any remaining spots to be filled by reserves. This is not required if your robot is largely unchanged from the November champs.

    2022 is looking to be an exciting year for UK beetle events with many ahead, SCOUSE SHOWDOWN in March has just been announced for example, so please don't fret if you don't make it in!
    BBB xo
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    And that's signups for BBB: Beetle Brawl 2022 gone in 48 seconds! Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding, see you in February.

    Emails have now been sent out to confirm competitors and reserves! check your junk folder.

    And if you missed out don't worry, it's looking like plenty of beetleweight events across the country are popping up this year, it's awesome to see.

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