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Thread: First ever real build lews featherweight

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    Hi everyone just checking in! the project is still alive and kicking ive just had some delays with another build,
    im just wrapping my head around milling aluminium currently on the 6040 chinese CNC router. an update will follow soon once my batch of end mills arrive!

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    An update! Things are slowley moving! Not been so active here unfortunately fbook has been my dumping ground but wanted to give an update! Claws coming along nicely received_492051909502652.jpeg

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    Team Kaizen

    Looking very neat and tidy! Looks like 15mm Aluminium for the chassis?
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    Yep! 15mm main chassis, forks and lower pivot 10mm, top claw a sandwich of 8mm and 6mm spacers for 6mm hardox tooth.

    Side armour PE1000 20mm honeycombed.
    Front 20mm pe1000 some pocketing
    Bottom 3mm ally top 3mm ally might swap to Ti or some ally carbon poly sandwich..

    Pins are gr5 titanium

    Its all started getting a bit posh
    Hope its enough!
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