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Thread: Ogrekill BW vert

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    Hi all,

    Decided I have too many robots so I need to sell a couple off, first to go is my Beetleweight vert Ogrekill.

    Specs are as follows;

    HDPE frame, mix of 15, 10 and 3mm
    BBB 22mm drive motors and drive escs
    Emax RS2205s 2300kv weapon motor (plus spare)
    Afro 30a weapon esc
    4mm hardox forks (plus a spare set)
    ~350g, 100mm diameter hardox disc (plus spare)


    Realistically looking for offers around the £300 mark, as it is a fully ready to run spinner. As a disclaimer I will not sell to anyone I deem inexperienced, this is a very dangerous machine.

    cheers, Sam

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    Hope it finds a home soon, would put in an offer myself but defo not experienced enough to run it.

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