Hi everyone,

The impetus for this post is the recent flooding in the Saar/Mosel regions of western Germany/Luxembourg/eastern Belgium.

Unfortunately my little workshop in the cellar of my building flooded up to over 1m and everything I had down there is pretty much gone. 2x FlySky controller/receivers, 3x RobotPower Hydras, about two dozen 12v 25mm gearmotors, a dozen servos of various sizes and all sorts of other sundries - my batteries were custom made 3s LiIon packs pulled out of cordless vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, we're insured against flooding so my tools will be replaced one way or another but I figured this would be a good time to re-evaluate the components I've stockpiled over the last few years.

The three projects I was working on were all BW (1.5kg) sized - a 4wd flipper, a 6wd four-bar, and a 3wd... something else. While the chassis are HDPE and should be re-usable, the length of time for me to clean up, replace my tools and for the renovations in our building to be completed mean I can go ahead and start some revisions to my CAD designs.

So, given that I was using drive motors such as these -
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-12V-1...cAAOSwS5NZgCfQ - servos such as these - 1 Set MG995 360° High Torque Metal Gear RC Servo Motor For Boat Helicopter Car | Wish - and ESCs such as these - Robot Power Products - Hydra - and I'm prepared to write them off, what kind of components should I be looking to upgrade to now I don't have a stockpile?

tl;dr - Flooding wrecked my BW components, what should I order/upgrade my designs to accept while my workshop is renovated?