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Thread: First full combat featherweight-talk me out of it ...

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    After taking part in the sportsman featherweight for a couple of years and having mixed

    results I have decided to build a full combat featherweight on a budget.

    I have lots of bits lying around but I realise full combat is a different ball game with all

    those spinners involved I need to think tough as old boots!.

    I picked up a stainless steel slide around 2 years ago for free when the council re vamped

    the park play area and have used that for the front/rear of the robot.

    I got 2 makita 18 volt cordless drills out of a skip and they were in great condition-just the batteries

    were duff-I will be running them at 24 volt so they went in the robot too.

    Quite by accident while trying to drill the stainless and struggling even with Titanium drill bits

    I decided to spot weld the stainless steel instead but found some stainless steel electrodes and they

    were great for sticking bits together.

    I was saving a bit of 6mm polycarbonte for my heavyweight but decided to shape that for the

    top cover behind the stainless.

    Cost so far under £5 in electric and cutting disks-what's not to like?.

    I won't be giving up on sportsman as I find it great fun.

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    Oooooh this sounds really fun, do you have any pictures of it?

    All I'll do is advise you take apart the drills and properly grub screw the clutch rather than keep the assembly together, it'll stop it clutching mid-battle.
    After this weekend's sporsman test, I'll have one to join you

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    Great minds think alike Theo, I did want to get my full combat robot ready to sample it in

    this weekends sportsman too but seeing I have only put around 10 hours work into it so far

    it would be a push to get it ready -as work gets in the way .

    No pictures as yet-maybe later.

    Good to know you were proactive in the Pandemic and I look forward to see what you are bringing

    to the full combat table-ideally top spot in sportsman would be a good indicator of your full combat

    potential-so no pressure there mate!.

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    Sounds great Colin - any thoughts on a weapon or are you just aiming to make it survive for now? Look forward to seeing it up and running soon!

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    I'm going to see what weight it will be first in its basic state Sam and then take it from there-

    If weight allows I might go for a driller queen extreme concept.

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    Reality bites....

    I realise that building a full combat on a budget will not probably produce a competition winning

    Robot but that has never been my incentive in any case and never will be.

    For me it's just about been able to take part and have fun without breaking the bank and with

    a bit of luck not taking my Robot home in a bin bag.

    So the Robot is nearly finished with most of the bits salvaged from a skip apart from the ESC

    and the battery, I did toy with making the Bot a spinner but it would have been costly and

    difficult to make and would not have been the best spinner so I dropped that idea.

    The Robot will be a superior version of driller queen-tougher/faster and a more powerful drill

    and the plan is to debut it at Robodojo in August.

    I may call the Robot Outside Toilet Technology (OTT) just to wind other roboteers up if it

    manages a win but the working title is Driller Queen Extreme.

    Yes Natanae I will post pictures soon.l
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    It's good to see over the pandemic you've kept at the robots and the ideas for them. I hope the new FW turns out well in the end!

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    Thanks for that Adam and good to see a post from you.

    Retirement Home robotics sounds interesting.. are you utilizing your Arena yet?

    I'm working on the wiring of OTT and will be adding a flush valve and toilet cistern

    chain pull if weight allows

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    Quote Originally Posted by team death View Post
    Retirement Home robotics sounds interesting.. are you utilizing your Arena yet?
    Thanks, its just a random name for when I start going to events again, given those bots are all old(er) ones I bought, probably not the retirement they hoped for though! I now have a car too so I can drive to the out to Dojo given it is no longer near a rail station. As for the arena, I ended up donating to Bristol Bot Builders as they could make far more use out of it than I'd ever realistically get.

    Hopefully won't be too long before I see you and your wonderful creations again, either helping out or fighting against them!

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