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Thread: First full combat featherweight-talk me out of it ...

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    Not that it has been widely acknowledged it but I'm at least part sponsoring Robodojo this year and you

    can get the red carpet treatment as far as I'm concerned Adam if you can make it up.

    I'm looking for a beetle and ant weight owner to make up a team for Augusts 3 day event

    if you are interested.

    Camping on site is now available for anyone at £10 per person to save on hotel bills.
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    You are welcome to bring them up one Sunday Adam and we can work on them together

    like the old days-heavy hitting spinners are whats required for sure.

    Events are at the end of August inc the bank holiday Monday.

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    Driller Queen extreme attended it's first full combat event last Sunday and I was pleased with

    it's performance overall.

    The full combat annihilator was a last bot standing event at Robodojo so it was a bit of a baptism of fire.

    I wanted to test out the stainless steel bodywork and headed for Binky on purpose and although the Robot

    went flying it was relatively unscathed and fought on.

    The drill had been broken off in a previous game so was inactive, eventually the link cable was torn loose

    and the Robot lost power just after the wheel had been buckled.

    I will probably drop the drill idea and put stainless steel all round with a deflecting wedge scoop.

    Anyroad here's the video posted by someone at the event...........

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