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Thread: Clear out

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    Hey all,

    having a clear out and that means my junk can now be *your* junk!

    18v 775s x 4

    Brand new and never used, been stuck in a box for like 6 months so I’m probably not going to use them. £30 plus postage for the lot.

    Camozzi pneumatic cylinder, 32mm bore 200mm stroke.

    Again brand new and been in a box for 6 odd months. £15 plus postage


    K2 frame plus boxes of spares

    Bought this From Mark a while ago intending to get it running but never did, would require an amount of work but comes with weapon And drive motors and escs, and a huge box in of spare bits. Will only sell to someone experienced as it’s got a spin. £150 ONO


    Featherweight drum

    The old drum from Drumblebee, has some damage to the end spacer so that will need cutting off and remaking. Comes with bearings and end tapped shaft, roughly 2.5kg in weight. £35 plus postage.

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    Pm sent re drum and 775s

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    All of the bits above have now been sold, I’ll be updating the page when/if I have anything else

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