Hello all!

I am finally embarking on my trip into heavyweight land, and would like to include a hydraulic system for a lifter. I chose hydraulic over electric simply because of the huge power you can achieve, and that nothing is strained if you stall the ram like an electric actuator would, so I believe it would be much more reliable.

I would appreciate some advice on the types of systems that are used by roboteers, especially on how leaks are prevented when the robot is inverted. I have seen some promising hydraulic power packs from flowfit (such as this:
https://www.flowfitonline.com/hydrau...-tank-zz004236 ) but I am convinced that this tank would leak like a sieve through the breather if it was flipped! I have heard that some teams use an accumulator bladder as a tank, but I haven't seen many details on that.

Any details on what tank and valve setups other bots use would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. Before anyone says that the inexperienced should leave hydraulics alone, I have assembled and used hydraulic equipment at college and work. I am aware of the dangers and am happy to take my time and learn before proceeding