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Thread: Reciever Issues

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    Hey all,

    i'm currently in the midst of putting SB back together, and in the process i have created a new wiring loom, with everything modular through JST's.

    for the drive i'm still running the "standard" planatary gearmotors wired to a tinyESC each, and into a flysky FS-R6B reciever. This is the setup i ran at bugglebots, and in further iterations.

    Everything was working, i stripped it all out, re wired, the ESC's are getting power, but now my reciever flashes red once and then does nothing.

    i have also tested on an FS-iA6, and i get no lights at all (this reciever hasnt been tested, so could well be broken).

    Checked polarity, checked with a turnigy plush 40A also and no joy. Interestingly when i removed the plush esc the reciever did flash in its bind mode for around 10 seconds before going back to nothing.

    i have re-fixed the esc connectors as they were loose and i though could affect operation, but still no luck?

    Any thoughts or just new reciever time?

    Sorry for the long post, TIA!

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    Personally id just get another Rx just to test it. Worse case scenario its not the Rx and you now have a spare (they are relatively cheap anyway).

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