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Thread: Transmitter help!

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    The ESCs look like a rebrand or clone of XT-XINTE ESCs i use in my own beetles, which are less than $3 from their site:

    I find these to be similar to the DasMikros often used in antweights, they either arrive broken or faulty, or they will survive any hell you can put them through, faulty or built like a tank and survive torture is the two options they leave the factorry in i think. You may have one of the faultier ones though.
    The wiring seems good, so i don't think its just a wiring fault.

    RE: the 12V on 2s lipo, as long as the voltage you're getting is enough to drive the circuitry of stuff inbetween battery and motor (the receiver, esc etc), it shouldn't affect anything, just the motors won't be going at full whack. It shouldn't cause the receiver to mess up and misinterpret signals, or at least not in my experience

    Given the cheapness of XT-Xintes and alternatives / clones (honestly the amount of places and names i've seen on these identical circuit boards is in the dozens by now), if you don't want to go to a more expensive ESC, you could buy 2-3 and see if any work good, this is what I did, i have a backlog of them now, waiting for events to start up so i can get use out of them!
    Unfortunately a lot of this hobby is trial and error, you may need to swap things out for alternatives and see what works and with what other things.

    My featherweight uses a Cytron Smartdrive 30A, which is one down from what Colin & Myself have previously used in a HW. I have suggested to them a few times they look at doing a smaller ESC that'd be good for BWs & AWs, given their stuff is generally solid but also cheaper than similar. Alas, nothing yet! I've considered trying to run my own ESCs, I might have to go back to that idea!

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    Cytron do a 10A dual and single channel ESC ( for example) which may work in a BW application. It looks to be relatively trivial to wire it up, might pick up one for Shu! 3.0 to at least try.
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