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Thread: Issue with motors

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    I am currently building a featherweight and working on the electrics. I have hooked up the challenger (Argos) drills to hobbywing speed controllers
    and using a Flysky fs-i6X controller and receiver.

    Everything runs but when I change the direction of the motors they just stop until the sticks on the remote are centered again.

    Any ideas what the issue is? Can I change something on the controller to help with this?

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    Has the controller been rebound to the receiver since this started happening? Sounds as if it is receiving RC input from somewhere when none should be present.
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    Hi Steven, the symptom you describe is centre-braking, a common feature in RC car speed controllers allowing the operator to brake/slow the car when moving forward before applying reverse. It's fine for RC cars because you generally need to brake but don't necessarily need or want to throw it into reverse straight away, less ideal for combat robotics since you need to be able to change from forwards to reverse almost instantaneously in quick succession.

    Some speed controllers have a programming feature allowing you to disable centre-braking but, having had a look at the specs for that controller, I can't see anything mentioning that, so you may need to look at a different controller as it's not really possible to operate a robot with the accuracy needed while centre-braking is active.

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    I've used the Quicrun 880 and that can be reprogrammed using a card from Hobbywing - you can usually pick them up for a tenner or so on ebay. I'm not 100% sure that you can use this for the 1060 though. This is the card:

    Looking at the bottom of the page, it says you can adjust some parameters using "jumper caps", which are basically like safety links that you move around to select different options - it looks like you should be able to move or remove a jumper to switch from "F/B/R" (forward-reverse-brake) to "F/R" (forward-reverse). HArd to tell exactly from the fuzzy picture though!

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    Oh yeah, I've just had a closer look and Sam's spot on. The left/top jumper (however the picture orientates itself) in this picture adjusts the brake options, so it looks like if you just want straight up forward and reverse, you need to remove the jumper plug entirely, that should sort it.
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