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Thread: Hobbyking F20A and F30A ESCs - brushed firmware for Spektrum RC systems

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    Hi all

    With some help from Kane Aston, I've been able to modify the open source brushless-to-brushed ESC firmware from so that Spektrum RC gear (STX2 with a TinyMixer) will now work with modified F20A and F30A ESCs. It's not perfect but if you use the unaltered code from there, the ESCs would failsafe when you went to the higher ends of the TX control stick limits when mixing's used (well, that's what happened to me at least).

    F20A and F30A Spektrum Firmware and Pin

    I've only tested it with the F30A ESC in a RC Crawler so its not battle tested, nor have I tested it on a F20A ESC. Therefore you're using this at your own risk. However, I did something similar for the TZ-85 ESC many years ago and that worked fine!

    You can find most the info to hack and program the TZ85a at and modifying the F20A and F30A ESCs is basically the same. Its actually easier as where you solder the AVR programmer wires to on the ESCs are in a nice and neat row. Links below will take you to the associated video tutorials

    F20A and F30A Spektrum Firmware and Pin

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