First, let me (very briefly) introduce myself:
My name is Iestyn, I'm from the Netherlands and have so far built two featherweights together with my brother-in-law.

Now on to the important stuff:
A few weeks ago, I started working on a heavyweight when I got the opportunity to buy the drive system form an old Dutch robot wars competitor, Scraptosaur 1.
Since Heavyweight events mainly take place in the UK, I figured it would be a good idea to start a topic on the FRA forum to get advice and post updates for those of you who are interested.

What I've got so far:

-2x 24V 150W wheelchair motors with 200mm wheels attached to the gearbox
-2x 40A speedcontrollers
-A chassis that came with the drive, the previous owner had plans to build a House Robot for the DRG featherweight arena but never got round to it. Still, it's useful for testing purposes.

Having taken it for a test drive, I'm now in the process of designing an entirely new robot around the existing components.