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Thread: Introduction heavyweight

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    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum!

    I do recommend starting in the lighter weight categories for a first attempt at building a fighting robot of any description, such as the Beetleweight or Featherweight classes. Building something like a Heavyweight (or even a Middleweight from hard fought experience) does take up a lot of money that if it goes wrong, can be expensive to fix and even buying the parts for can be inordinately expensive on their own. A motor I just purchased for my Middleweight costs more than my entire Beetleweight, it is that kind of scale for comparison (about £280 for the motor vs about £75-100 for the BW I think).

    Similarly, the logistics of moving a big robot around are something to consider. I cannot lift a HW on my own and even lifting my MWs can be a challenge in of itself (I normally roll as a single person team, it'd be a different story with multiple people I think).

    I would recommend reading the build threads here, there are plenty floating around (such as mine for example) to see what works, what doesn't and to ask questions about them. I am always happy to chat about the ins and outs of any of my machines, feel free to reply to my build thread or even drop me a PM.

    Also, if you haven't already, I would recommend going to a show though of course, at the moment that isn't possible but when it is, I would recommend it (get a VIP pass to go into the pits, see the robots up and close).
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