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Thread: Mr. Krippling - Exceedingly Good Breaks! - Team Manuva's Heavyweight Build Log

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    Thanks Jamie for all of your advice! I've already extensively studied your videos on the pneumatics setup of both Shunt and Renegade, so your advice is super helpful. I will definitely be asking a few questions as I go along, if you don't mind?

    Having done some measuring, you are unfortunately correct, it is too shallow. You can get 1kg bottles, but mostly for powder and not CO2. Would these still be suitable?

    I've had a look and Lancashire Fire Protection are very close to me, so that's great advice. I shall get in contact with them should I pursue pneumatics further.
    Ask away anytime. I'm certainly no expert on pneumatics, very much a relative noob, but I'll help wherever I can.

    Regarding 1kg bottles, I don't think it matters if they're for CO2 or not, as long as they can handle the pressure. If you were to use a powder one (perhaps fitted with a screw-top valve) you'd probably have to get it pressure tested/certified. The guys at Lancashire Fire Protection may even be able to offer that, or at least advise on suitability or where to get it tested. I'm sure if you mention Robot Wars or combat robots, it would pique their interest.

    Nice choice on the motors and gearboxes too, definitely worth it if you've got the budget. Low-profile and ideal since the chassis is designed for them. Look forward to watching the build progress. I seem to have gotten into the habit of keeping my builds secret until they're done now and have to do retrospective diaries, so always good to have another progressive one to peruse.

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    I have had some experience with low pressure pneumatic s with death warmed up/immortalis/metalis and I
    sourced most of my rams from the barsnley bus breakers-they are only £10 each.
    You don't get a spectacular launch with low pressure rams at heavyweight level, more like a steady lift but
    they are a lot safer than full pressure which can kill unless you know your stuff and even the best have had

    The smallest Co2 cylinder I believe was the 2 kg but I'm sure they discontinued the short stubby cylinder
    in favour of a longer larger capacity cylinder which is no good when space is a premium but you can still get
    hold of them second hand but you may have to get them pressure tested which isn't a big problem.
    Another alternative could be paintball equipment,cylinders/regulators -they are certainly smaller but the
    amount of gas would be limited.
    This will require careful consideration Andy, if you go to an event with full pressure flippers like Apollo/iron awe
    ect and you have a low pressure flipper you will be outgunned unless you can learn something from the behemoth
    team-the most successful low pressure lifter ever.

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    I'll Play One Day
    Following a fellow Lancastrian HW build.

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