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Thread: Sporting Events Behind Closed Doors !

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    According to the Government information, sporting events behind closed doors is the next

    step in the exit strategy out of the Corona virus conundrum.

    In theory this would cover live Robot combat where an audience was not invited and as long as

    the 2 metre spacing could be maintained and perhaps masks were worn-is this light at the end

    of the tunnel?.

    Maybe one member per team to start with to keep numbers as low as possible/ plenty of hand

    washing and where possible large spaces or outdoor events in this gorgeous weather.

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    That is how early BotFest events ran where an audience wasn't invited. I guess one person per team could work but how'd you load anything heavier than a Feather single-handed? I struggle to lift my Middleweight single-handed.

    You'd also have to have a big enough space where that 2 metre rule could be maintained within the pits and I'll be honest, I don't think that'd work with a decent number of people which would include the staffing of the arena and so on. Having it outdoors creates its own set of challenges and you'd still need somewhere to have it plus without an audience and thus ticket/merchandise sales, how would EXR or RL recoup their outlay for having hired the venue? Also, it being outside might not be a starter anyway - it wouldn't be closed doors unless it was in a compound with a gate somewhere.

    That might not be a problem so much for Dojo but the 2 metre rule will limit the numbers fairly substantially though that'd be the case for any event I guess.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I am open to the idea of a private event happening but I'd have serious questions over the logistics of such a thing.
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    Unfortunately there is no easy answer for events like EXR or Robots live, there in the same category as

    pubs,restaurants,theatres in my opinion and will be some of the last venues to be unshackled.

    A good organiser can sort the social distancing aspects at smaller events-have you been to the

    supermarket lately?-a one way system 2 metre signs everywhere and timed approaches to

    a designated cashier- I don't see Tesco staff been too worried.

    There's two choices, we either re start the robot combat with care when it is allowed or wait

    until the Corona virus is eradicated.....could be a long wait.

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    The Government says that from June 1st Football/tennis/snooker/horse racing and some other sports can take place

    behind closed doors and it is now up to individual sports and organisers to decide when it is safe for their sport to

    resume with close endearment to the social distancing rules.

    JUNE 20th- the 2 metre distancing rules is due to be reduced to 1

    metre within the week !-Yipee !
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    12th July
    So Robodojo proved you can still have an event and have fun during the Corona virus easing

    if everyone is sensible.

    The arena went up on Saturday and the roof should be fitted for the full combat event next week.

    Big smiles all round as everyone was keen to get back into Robot combat and there were some great


    So well done to Ian , Alex, Keith ,Shane and Dave for good organisation and everyone else for taking part.
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