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Thread: Middleweight Pneumatic Rams

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    Hey there!

    In terms of MWs, I am not convinced 10 BAR would be enough though that is just my opinion. It'd work for sure but I am fairly sure both Backflip and You Little Ripper, which are both rear hinge flippers, run higher pressures than that though having said that, Backflip ran 10 BAR in 2019 by the looks of it (ref:

    Probably worth PMing Tom (Backflip) or contacting Jonno directly?

    Looking forwards to seeing what your creation is. I still need to get my electric axe working.
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    10 bar is pretty standard for LP pneumatics - thats what most axes run when using Co2

    Really then depends on the size of the ram to compensate, and tbh im not really sure what would work in a MW. Generally Axe rams tend to be larger, but honestly couldnt really help on that as i dont have extensive experience with axes to really know whatd work in a MW

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