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Thread: Devo 7e and Lemon Rx

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    Hi all, I've had an "interesting" experience over the weekend and thought I'd share.

    I recently bought a couple of new Lemon receivers. I tried binding them to a Devo 7e Tx and absolutely nothing happened. I initially thought back to anecdotal reports of Devo/DSMX compatibility issues, but extensive testing determined that it wasn't that simple.

    To summarise my exciting Sunday of testing:
    • Tx samples: 2x Devo 7e with Deviation v5.0.0, 1x Spektrum Dx6e
    • Rx samples: 2x new (from the last week) Lemon DSMX Rx, 1x old (a few months) Lemon DSMX Rx, 1x old (>1 yr) Orange DSMX Rx, 1x old (>1 yr) Spektrum Rx.
    • Results:
      • Dx6e binds to everything with no problems. No Rx can be called "faulty" on that basis.
      • Devo 7e (with any amount of twiddling, firmware rollback/nightly build) can bind to anything other than the newest Rx

    I posted about this on RC Forums and apparently there is a change in hardware that will possibly affect all new DSMX receivers, i.e., including ORange and Spektrum, which may make them incompatible with Devo going forward.

    If you have a few old receivers knocking around you're fine, and quite possibly this can be fixed in an update to Deviation at some point, but something to be aware for now.

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    I heard that the DSMX chip Spektrum where using was discontinued, so that may well be the hardware change you mentioned.

    I bought a few new Lemons towards the end of last year and had signal issues with them (Dx6 transmitter), whereas the one I had previously worked while underwater, so was disappointed there. Sorry I don't have a fix for you, as I could bind to them, they just didn't work very well. Does seem like there's been a drop in quality.

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    That's annoying... working intermittently is almost worse than not working at all!

    Re. chips, that's pretty much what the RC Groups forum said (link):

    The latest Lemon 6channel will have the current SDR (Software Defined Radio) RF board, your older Lemon, Spektrum and Orange will have the legacy CYPRESS CYRF6936 chip which is also used in the Deviation transmitters.
    And also:

    ...the latest Spektrum receivers are also an SDR design and no longer use the CYRF6936 chip. the TI 2650 chip that Spektrum use is not the same as the one used by Lemon...
    So it may not just be a Lemon issue.

    It's not currently a huge issue for me, just a minor inconvenience, as I have the Dx6e which works with every receiver I have, and a bunch of older receivers that work with the Devo 7e no problem. Just thought it was worth flagging up as the Devo 7e and LemonRx both seem pretty popular and this could catch a few people out.

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