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Thread: Virtual Robot Game/s????

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    Hi all,
    Firstly, hope everyone is well and anyone who isn't I wish you a speedy recovery.
    My thoughts: Not sure if this already exist, but during these trying times I wondered if a virtual combat robot game/s could be created. I know there are some very software orientated and intelligent people out there that may be able to do something. If nothing else could keep some you busy trying....
    As I mentioned earlier, there maybe something that does exist, in which case can someone share the link / website with us all.
    Well that's it for the time being, look forward to us all meeting up again soon fit and well.
    Best regards to all

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    Bad Wolf

    You don't need to look any futher than this classic on the PS2! Many hours lost to this game when I was growing up!

    Would be amazing to have a decent up to date version of this classic though.

    Bad Wolf

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    I'm currently the creative director for upcoming Robot Combat game, Robot Rumble 2.0.

    We're in early stages so far, but regardless have received an amazing following/interest in the game already!

    Feel free to check it out

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