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Thread: ESCs for Four Wheel Drive

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    I now have some very nice motor mounts from RoboteerNat to fit our Argos drill motors, and am thinking of going four wheel drive for a pusher robot.

    I have this ESC which runs dual motors (hopefully).

    Will I need two ESCs for four wheel drive, splitting the input from the receiver?

    Or could I just use the one ESC and split the output in parallel? I'm thinking that would just halve the power going to each motor and not gain anything.

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    with most RX we use, you plug it into two channels and mix them either on the Transmitter or on a mixing board also i wouldnt use that ESC if you could help it. much doubting hat goes on when they start quoteing 320A on something size of a servo tester. i would suggest THIS yes it a x4 the money but it will work

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    When I implemented 4WD drive in my Middleweight with a different speed controller, I spliced off the outputs from the speed controller to the two motors per side in Parrarel which worked well enough but as noted, I wouldn't recommend those ESCs. They "work" but they can't handle the load in my experience. I'd go with the suggestion Mark put for peace of mind.
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