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Thread: Controller for an over-volted scooter motor?

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    We are attempting to build a classic scooter motor powered axe but I've had the idea of over-volting the motor. Its a 24v 350w one. Was thinking of running it at 36 volts to get some more ummph out of it, I know axes aren't the most effective weapon so anything I can do to give it some more power I'm all for.

    Trouble is the only controller I can find that will (and I trust to) run it at 24V is the Rangle Bot but that is only good to 24V so that rules that out for over-volting it.

    Pondered using one of the controllers for electic scooters (who would have thought!), they are surprisingly cheap, compact and I've found one that does reverse (so the axe can retract back for another swing) but now I'm in the realms of the unknown and I'm going to have to make something "smart" using an Ardunio board or similar to know when to switch it into reverse and possibly use a relay to flick the reverse switch. This doesn't scare me but just wondering if its worth the effort.

    Any thoughts/ideas/advice? Happy to even hear "don't bother over-volting it and keep it simple"

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    My advice would indeed be 'don't bother and keep it simple' but I've been doing this for a while so I'm probably stuck in a comfort zone and like to stick with what works.

    Scooter motors, especially the 350W ones, pack a punch on 24V with the right reduction and axe arm/head design so might be worth starting off with that then looking at a 36V upgrade if you still want more power.
    As for 36V controllers, there used to be a handy range called Victor 883s which would have been ideal but they're not made anymore. Perhaps the next best option (although needs shipped from America) is the RageBridge 2 controller. Unfortunately that's in the low-end three figure price bracket, but it would happily handle it (and could perhaps be an investment as a dual-motor controller for if you build something with a larger drive setup in future). There may also be some second-hand ones in the UK that could work out a bit cheaper.

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