I suspect the provision for "organised team sport" is based on sports where the teams are necessarily greater than six people. E.g., if you're playing 5-a-side football you have to have at least 10 people in total. Whereas singles badminton is played with only two people, so you don't need to exceed the limit. I don't think that would include us, even if they decide to class combat robotics as a sport (which I also doubt, regardless of my own feelings on the subject!).

I would like the event to go ahead but not enough to try and squeeze around the rules. The guidance is crap but ultimately it makes sense to minimise contact with other people and the current situation isn't looking great*. Hopefully things will be clearer in a few days, but whatever happens don't feel under any pressure to go ahead Lucy - it's not worth getting yourself, or the venue, in trouble over.

[rant]*...despite the fact that half the reporting is utter nonsense - they keep talking about how many new cases have been "recorded", but they're ignoring delays in recording and processing results - a lot of the apparent sudden spike is due to specimens from several days ago being processed late...![/rant]