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Thread: BBB Halloween: Bodgebots, Ants & BAnts - 24th October 2021 in Bristol.

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    Facebook Event:
    10:00-13:30 TBC Potential Hackspace Session
    14:00-19:00 Bot Fights at The Cider Box

    We'll be fighting:
    175g 2v2 Plastic BAnts:
    500g 'spooky' Bodgebots:
    150g Full combat Antweights:

    Next up from Bristol Bot Builders: Ants, BAnts and *SPOOKY themed* Bodges at the very awesome Cider Box. (we have a merry time here, the owner is a legend!) It's just down the road from Temple Meads station, so jump on a train and come have some awesome cider (some of which using the apples from Rory's farm!)

    All the details on the event page. No sign ups for this one just rock up and we'll sign up for tournaments during - £5 suggested donation to compete (

    We're attempting to book the hackspace (in it's new nearby location) for some pre fight tinkering but that's TBC, also TBC with a food truck!

    Facebook group:
    More info on November beetle champs next week
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    Small update! Bristol Hackspace has confirmed we can do a session there!

    So 10.00-13.30 we'll be in the hackspace for any soldering, gluing, tinkering you may need as well as any questions or issues we can try to help with get your bots up and running! We used to call these 'Ant Clinics'

    The hackspace recently moved to St Philips - it's just a few minutes walk from the Cider Box. If you're driving we recommend to park near Cider Box as there's more free street parking that end. But we'd *really* recommend coming by train/bus if possible as all of this is a short walk from Bristol Temple Meads and you can enjoy more cider!

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